The multiview, developed by Viax:
This multi functional instrument is indispensable in the navigation corner or cockpit of your sailing yacht. All possible boat data is collected and shown on a spacious LCD screen. You can image seeing GPS, waypoint data, wind, depth and speed and more. The Multiviuw can store a polar of your boat. Together with the boat data a performance is calculated and show on the LCD.
Also user defined screens can be defined. Usefull graph functions for air presure and course over ground are available.
Available from €329,00 incl VAT
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NMEA Seatalk WIFI Multiplexer


STAR Tracking proudly launches de upgraded nmea seatalk WIFI multiplexer! Developed by Viax
the wifi multiplexer is upgraded, because of the overwhelming success of the instrument. A more robust power supply is implemented. The seatalk interface is improved and a remote control is added. The remote control can be used to control your raymarine autopilot.
Available from €269,00 incl VAT
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NMEA Seatalk WIFI Multiplexer


STAR Tracking introduces the nmea seatalk WIFI multiplexer! Developed by Viax
The nmea wifi multiplexer can collect the inboard data of your yacht. It can then be send to your pc, plotter, repeater, multiview, etc. Inputs: 4 nmea, USB , Rs232 4800- 115200 bps, Seatalk write , wifi out
Outputs:2 nmea, USB , Rs232, 4800 -115200 bps, Seatalk read, wifi in
the wifi access point makes it possible to see your data onyour tablet or smartphone! Also navigating over wifi is possible. Designed to also process AIS data. The inputs of the multiplexer are optically isolated. The dreadfull groundloops will therefor not occur. Smart software in the multiplexer can autonomically filter and prioritise messages,change id's en control the input /output matrix. And much more.
Developed by Viax in close cooperation with users of the Zeilersforum!, making it very usefull and practical.

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