Welcome to VIAX!

Viax is an elektronics design company, offering dedicated hardware and software product development.

For over 25 jaar Viax is an experienced and reliable partner for the development of simple as well as highly advanced electronics.


Our mission is to achieve an ongoing relationship with our customers, by developing electronics that satisfy their demands, as well as offering high quality and reliability.


We enjoy the benefits of designing a large diversity of products ranging from the very small - using only a couple of passive components - up to projects that integrate over 300 FPGAs in to one design. This diversity also means that we have built up a wide knowledge of our business area. We are aware that no one can be good at everything, so we don't even try. But to be able to offer our customers a complete product development package we have built up strong relationships with specialist companies offering complementary skills to our own. This 'best of both worlds' solution delivers the highest possible quality products. Some projects simply need a basic A4 spec sheet, and development costs are remarkably low, larger projects demand a more in depth design flow. VIAX can offer both and will always keep in mind that the product needs to be designed for manufacturability. Usually the product needs to measure up commercially, a fact that we address from the very start of the project.

In practice:

Viax designs schematic's en printed circuit boards in house using the modern and versatile Altium program

Files generated are used to have eurocircuits produce the printed circuit boards. The procided stencil service is used to assemble the circuit boards flawlesly. We have all the needed instruments for that inhouse, like the pick &place and the reflow oven.

When larger numbrs of pcb's need to be assembled we use specialised companies.